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Build Download Change Details Src
6078 Fix default value always being when calling ParmValue(string,string).
6077 Add gamedata for Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop.
6076 Add PrintToConsoleAll (#601)
6075 Update blacklist.plugins.txt
6074 Change CHalfLife2::GetMapDisplayName to always check for string substitutions. (#596)
6073 Update Day of Infamy gamedata.
6072 Update Empires gamedata (supercedes #599).
6071 Fixed typo on previous PR (#600)
6070 Update GDC symbols.txt (NPOTB).
6069 Fix GDC's Linux SIg offset checking (NPOTB).
6068 Updated CS:GO gamedata.
6067 Fix CS:GO gamedata.
6066 HUD is now supported on CSGO (#598)
6065 Merge branch 'tf2-toolchainbeta'
6063 Update sm_map behavior to better reflect FindMap/GetMapDisplayName results (#588)
6062 Fix crash when accessing gamerules during mapchange (#593)
6061 Ignore replay and sourcetv in @spec targeting. (#595)
6060 Fix error when configuring for csgo SDK build on VS 2017.
6059 Fix AllowClLanguageVar setting being ignored in CS:GO.
6058 Make CS:GO recognize both / and \ for GetMapDisplayName (#592)
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