SourceMod uses rolling releases, and updates are continuous. Updates to stable versions of SourceMod are small and non-disruptive. It is generally recommended to run the latest stable build, however, it is not necessarily urgent to upgrade when a newer build appears.

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There may be breaking changes in builds in this branch, along with shiny new features.

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Build Download Change Details Src
6606 Fix parameter name in SQL_SetCharset documentation (#1329)
6605 Updated 'checkout-deps' to check for 'pip'/'pip3' prior to installing 'AMBuild'
6604 Remove cloning of Dota 2 SDK in CI
6603 Update SDKHooks_TakeDamage for CS:GO changes (#1319)
6602 NPOTB: Add x64 builds to travis-ci (#1321)
6601 Fix Linux x64 libpcre.a linkage failure (#1320)
6600 NPOTB: Trigger hl2sdk-csgo changes (#1316)
6599 Fix AppVeyor.
6598 trie: implement clone() method (#852)
6597 NPOTB travis-ci: address warnings / info. (#1311)
6596 gamedata: align with core project values. (#1310)
6595 appveyor: relocate in-tree and convert to MSVC2015. (#969)
6594 regex: update pcre to 8.44 (bug 6650, r=KyleS) (#1309)
6593 Add pcre lib for Windows x64 builds (#1307)
6592 handlesys: Output allocation timestamp during panic (#1110)
6591 Update OnLibraryAdded and OnLibraryRemoved docs (#1303)
6589 ArrayStack: add Clone method (#1304)
6588 cookies: Align output with sm_help (#977)
6587 mapchooser: Add option for persistent map storage (#1183)
6586 testing: Add stock AssertStrEq (#1185)
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