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Build Download Change Details Src
6056 Add FireEntityOutput native. (#587)
6055 Update Insurgency gamedata.
6054 Update FoF gamedata.
6053 Add ADT array blocksize getter (#578)
6052 Update Plugin Blacklist (#574)
6051 Update blacklist.plugins.txt
6050 Fix regression with GetEntPropEnt always returning -1 (#584)
6049 Add support for getting and setting output variables with Get/SetEntProp*.
6048 Fix incorrect bit size given for vectors with FindDataMapInfo.
6047 Update GDC's symbols.txt.
6046 Update GDC's symbols.txt.
6045 Fix startup crash on CS:GO caused by PR #514
6044 Add 2 CSGO gamerules netprops to CSGO blocklist if FollowCSGOServerGuidelines is enabled. (#514)
6043 Fix typo in menu manager drawing no spacer (#581)
6042 Merge pull request #582 from alliedmodders/update-sp
6040 Update Linux CS:GO TerminateRound gamedata.
6039 Fix crash when a database transaction fails (bug 6531) (#577)
6038 Update SourcePawn Module to c687974f5451b9d312141bfa020f465bd8bf96aa .
6037 Sanitize servercfgfile and lservercfgfile values with sm_cvar (bug 6579).
6036 Fix GDC's Linux sigscanning (#576)
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