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Build Download Change Details Src
6207 Add FrameIterator to SourceMod (#716).
6206 Merge pull request #701 from alliedmodders/csgo-hashmap
6193 Separate out DOI build. (#718)
6192 Fix typo in reservedslots.phrases.txt (#717)
6191 Fix TF2IgnitePlayer not working after game update (fixes #713).
6190 Include missing ctype header for macOS build
6189 Add KeyValues.ExportToString (#706)
6188 Lowercase windows/mac paths to avoid plugin duplicate loadings (Bug 6491) (#709)
6187 Add convenience logic for "offset" to Address definitions in GameConf (#580)
6186 Merge pull request #672 from peace-maker/null_natives_fixed
6180 Update tf2 stun and death flags.
6179 Update TF2_IsPlayerInCondition (#712)
6178 Really fix macOS build.
6177 Update amtl to fix macOS build.
6176 Merge pull request #714 from Headline22/dvander-rednavd
6174 Fix MakeBleed native call (add damage custom param)..
6173 make bleed linux sig fix
6172 Tyop fix.
6171 Update TF2 enums.
6170 Gamedata for 2017-10-20 TF2 update.
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