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Build Download Change Details Src
6473 Merge pull request #1131 from alliedmodders/update-sp
6471 Update CScore and MVP CSGO gamedata (#1127)
6470 Fix CSGO Update crash (11/19/2019) (#1125)
6469 Throw configuration error on unsupported compilers (#1029)
6468 Add missing const to origin parameters (#1079)
6467 Fix ArrayStack.Pop documentation (#1099)
6466 Merge pull request #1053 from nosoop/remote-ext-filename-check
6464 Fix OpenFile example (#1120)
6463 Validate GetEntityHandle in FindEntityByNetClass (#1089)
6462 Add slot define for healthshot/shield and tablet (#1114)
6461 Add windows supported SDKs to powershell checkout-deps (#1116)
6460 Merge pull request #1115 from alliedmodders/update-sp
6458 Add classic knife to CSWeaponID (#1111)
6457 Return DBDriver instead of Handle in DBI (#1109)
6456 Add bounds check for userid reset on disconnect (#1108)
6455 Merge pull request #1106 from alliedmodders/update-sp
6453 Bump version to 1.11.
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