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There may be breaking changes in builds in this branch, along with shiny new features.

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Build Download Change Details Src
7137 Fix rare crash with logs (#2161)
7136 CDetour safetyhook (#2162)
7135 sdkhooks: retain vtable hook until level end (#2094)
7134 Trigger build for hl2sdk-l4d2 changes
7133 Trigger build for L4D2 changes (#2155)
7132 Add OnServerHibernationUpdate forward (closes #1483) (#2151)
7131 make RenameFile() on Windows also replace the file (#2060)
7130 i18n: Czech Translations (#2120)
7129 Fix passing variant_t parameters + fix codegen stack on Win64 (#2117)
7128 AcceptEntityInput 64bit fix (#2149)
7127 Update HL2SDK Manifests Submodule (#2150)
7126 64bit gamedata fixes (#2141)
7125 Fix IsClientSourceTV in L4D2 with a custom tv_name (#2143)
7124 Stop EntRefToEntIndex returning garbage if a bad parameter is passed (#1323)
7123 Revert "Trigger build for hl2sdk-tf2 changes"
7122 Revert "Trigger build for hl2sdk-tf2 changes"
7121 Fix SDKHooks IEntityListener (#2138)
7120 Trigger build for hl2sdk-tf2 changes
7119 Trigger build for hl2sdk-tf2 changes
7118 Handle `INVALID_FUNCTION` mismatches at plugin boundaries, redux (#2136)
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