SourceMod uses rolling releases, and updates are continuous. Updates to stable versions of SourceMod are small and non-disruptive. It is generally recommended to run the latest stable build, however, it is not necessarily urgent to upgrade when a newer build appears.

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There may be breaking changes in builds in this branch, along with shiny new features.

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Latest 20 Builds from 1.11 Branch (Click here for all)

Build Download Change Details Src
6905 Log a notice if the geoip database gets too old (#1791)
6903 Trigger build against hl2sdk-csgo changes.
6902 Trigger build against hl2sdk-csgo changes.
6894 Add a PluginIterator methodmap (#1779)
6893 Merge branch 'master' of
6891 Add sdktools gamerules support for NMRiH (#1784)
6890 Update SourcePawn.
6889 .gitmodules: Make submodules shallow (#1769)
6888 Expand ShowHudText message buffer for Protobuf games (#1777)
6887 DHooks: Error on argument passflags for detours (#1773)
6886 DHooks: Fix changing of byref vector parameters (#1772)
6885 Update Reactive Drop gamedata (closes #1771)
6884 Lift raw pointers out of DatabaseConfBuilder (#1637)
6883 Update SourcePawn.
6882 Update WriteBaselines signature for CS:GO update (#1766)
6881 fix WeaponPrice offset on windows (#1765)
6880 Add "DispatchKeyValueInt" stock (#1764)
6879 Remove unnecessary timer typeset entry (#1735)
6878 NPOTB: Use camel casing for variables in adminhelp.sp (#1750)
6877 Prevent workshop prefix from showing in nominations results menu (#1737)
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