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Build Download Change Details Src
6396 Add templated helper class to promote type-safety (#965)
6395 Incorperate Licensing Into Project Tree (#961)
6394 IBinTools: Block loading incompatible interface versions (#979)
6393 SQL-Admin-Manager: style clean-up (#974)
6392 Trigger build for hl2sdk-csgo update.
6391 Fix misspelling of "runoff" in mapchooser (#973)
6390 Fix MSVC2015 build.
6389 Trigger a build.
6388 Switch to MSVC2015 builders.
6387 pb: Add natives to work with 64 bit values (#943)
6386 basevotes: Fix buffer size for workshop obtained levels. (#956)
6385 Merge pull request #964 from Bara/patch-5
6383 Merge pull request #963 from alliedmodders/update-sp
6381 Change MultiTargetFilter to a typeset that allows ArrayList as its second argument. (#955)
6380 Ignore SM site certificate when downloading GeoIP
6379 Get GeoIP data from SM site for now
6378 Prevent FrameIterator OOB Errors (#949)
6377 Unify map lookup logic across tf2esque engines. (fixes #927) (#931)
6376 Add snowball to CSWeaponID (#936)
6375 Add getter for Event.BroadcastDisabled (#946)
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