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There may be breaking changes in builds in this branch, along with shiny new features.

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Build Download Change Details Src
6987 Add support for float modulo operator (#1953)
6986 Add LookupAttachment signature for ND (#1942)
6985 Allow void return type in timer callbacks (#1916)
6984 Fix LookupAttachment signature for NMRiH (#1940)
6983 Enable ShowMenu support for Reactive Drop (see #1938)
6982 Fix LookupAttachment signature (#1933)
6981 Protect against server crash when DHooks cannot load from SDKHooks not being loaded. (#1930)
6980 Add Ghidra MakeSig script (#1926)
6979 Fix crash with IgniteEntity on MCV (#1924)
6978 Fix EntityFactoryCaller signature (#1925)
6977 Linux [SDKTOOLS] Sigscan for FireOutput FIX (#1923)
6976 Gamedata update after 2/2/2023 CSGO update (#1921)
6975 Update Military Conflict: Vietnam gamedata (#1915)
6974 Fix gamedata library search order in some cases. (#1914)
6973 Enable math functions in sqlite (#1886)
6972 Add note about automatic unhook (#1910)
6971 Regression fix for CS:GO GivePlayerItem.
6970 fix: Print full map name in Log instead of args (#1907)
6969 Add TE_WriteEnt and TE_ReadEnt natives to SDKTools. (#1905)
6968 Update TF2 gamedata for version 7757534 (2023-01-05) (#1901)
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